Enhanced Training of Query-Based Object Detection via Selective Query Recollection

Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)


This paper investigates a phenomenon where query- based object detectors mispredict at the last decoding stage while predicting correctly at an intermediate stage. We review the training process and attribute the overlooked phenomenon to two limitations: lack of training emphasis and cascading errors from decoding sequence. We design and present Selective Query Recollection (SQR), a simple and effective training strategy for query-based object detectors. It cumulatively collects intermediate queries as decoding stages go deeper and selectively forwards the queries to the downstream stages aside from the sequential structure. Such-wise, SQR places training emphasis on later stages and allows later stages to work with intermediate queries from earlier stages directly. SQR can be easily plugged into various query-based object detectors and significantly enhances their performance while leaving the inference pipeline unchanged. As a result, we apply SQR on Adamixer, DAB-DETR, and Deformable-DETR across various settings (backbone, number of queries, schedule) and consistently brings 1.4 ∼ 2.8 AP improvement. Code is available at https://github.com/Fangyi-Chen/ SQR

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