ES-dRNN with Dynamic Attention for Short-Term Load Forecasting

International Joint Conference on Neural Network (IJCNN)


Short-term load forecasting (STLF) is a challenging problem due to the complex nature of the time series expressing multiple seasonality and varying variance. This paper proposes an extension of a hybrid forecasting model combining exponential smoothing and dilated recurrent neural network (ES-dRNN) with a mechanism for dynamic attention. We propose a new gated recurrent cell – attentive dilated recurrent cell, which implements an attention mechanism for dynamic weighting of input vector components. The most relevant components are assigned greater weights, which are subsequently dynamically fine-tuned. This attention mechanism helps the model to select input information and, along with other mechanisms implemented in ES-dRNN, such as adaptive time series processing, cross-learning, and multiple dilation, leads to a significant improvement in accuracy when compared to well-established statistical and state-of-the-art machine learning forecasting models. This was confirmed in the extensive experimental study concerning STLF for 35 European countries.

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