Open-World Instance Segmentation: Exploiting Pseudo Ground Truth From Learned Pairwise Affinity

Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)


Open-world instance segmentation is the task of grouping pixels into object instances without any pre-determined taxonomy. This is challenging, as state-of-the-art methods rely on explicit class semantics obtained from large labeled datasets, and out-of-domain evaluation performance drops significantly. Here we propose a novel approach for mask proposals, Generic Grouping Networks (GGNs), constructed without semantic supervision. Our approach combines a local measure of pixel affinity with instance-level mask supervision, producing a training regimen designed to make the model as generic as the data diversity allows. We introduce a method for predicting Pairwise Affinities (PA), a learned local relationship between pairs of pixels. PA generalizes very well to unseen categories. From PA we construct a large set of pseudo-ground-truth instance masks; combined with human-annotated instance masks we train GGNs and significantly outperform the SOTA on open-world instance segmentation on various benchmarks including COCO, LVIS, ADE20K, and UVO. Code is available on project website here.

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