Optical performance characterization of 5 cm aperture size continuous focus tunable liquid crystal lens for resolving Accommodation-Convergence mismatch conflict of AR/VR/3D HMDs

Society for Information Display (SID)


Solving the accommodation-convergence mismatch issue, which causes eye fatigue, remains a challenge in the field of AR/VR/3D HMDs. We propose a solution to tackle such vision fatigue by using a large aperture (5 cm) continuous focus tunable liquid crystal lens in addition to fixed power VR lens. To reduce the switching speed to achieve desire optical power swing, our device includes phase resets, similar to a Fresnel lens. Introduction of the phase resets increases response speed significantly, however, also introduces diffraction related issues that is the subject of this paper. In this paper, device demonstration and characterization a continuous tunable lens with power from 0 D to 1.6 D is shown.

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