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Quantifying the potential economic impact of the metaverse

Regional Reports

Meta has worked with partners to develop regional research reports on the economic impact of the metaverse. Each research report provides: country-level economic impact estimates of the metaverse, examples showcasing how components of the metaverse are already being applied in innovative ways, a localized discussion of the state of metaverse technology fundamentals and enablers, as well as economic policy insights relevant to those countries and regions with respect to the metaverse.

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Global Report

The Analysis Group report “The Potential Global Economic Impact of the Metaverse,” commissioned by Meta, describes how the metaverse as currently envisioned could contribute to global and regional economic output, just as previous innovations and breakthrough technologies have boosted economic growth. The report estimates the metaverse’s potential economic impact on GDP ten years after adoption by leveraging historical data on economic growth and mobile broadband adoption.

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Regional collateral for the Analysis Group report provides a high-level overview of the Analysis Group report methodology, region-specific estimates of economic impact, and region-specific business use cases of metaverse technologies today.

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