Data Science

Gaining insights to deliver meaningful social interactions

Data scientists at Meta conduct large-scale, global, quantitative research to gain deeper insights into how people interact with each other and the world around them.

Our research makes it easier and more intuitive to use Meta's products and find ways to facilitate meaningful social interactions. Our work spans a variety of disciplines, including computational social science, econometrics, operations research, market intelligence, survey science, and statistical computing. We employ numerous methods to accomplish our goals, including machine learning, field experiments, surveys, and information visualization. We also build scalable platforms for the collection, management, and analysis of data, and actively contribute our scientific findings to the academic research community.

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Core Data Science

Latest Publications

XAIR: A Framework of Explainable AI in Augmented Reality

Xuhai Xu, Mengjie Yu, Tanya Jonker, Kashyap Todi, Feiyu Lu, Xun Qian, João Belo, Tianyi Wang, Michelle Li, Aran Mun, Te-Yen Wu, Junxiao Shen, Ting Zhang, Narine Kokhlikyan, Fulton Wang, Paul Sorenson, Sophie Kahyun Kim, Hrvoje Benko

CHI - 2023
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