Data Science

Gaining insights to deliver meaningful social interactions

Data scientists at Meta conduct large-scale, global, quantitative research to gain deeper insights into how people interact with each other and the world around them.

For information about Core Data Science research at Meta, visit the experiences on Meta, make it easier and more intuitive to use, and find ways to facilitate meaningful social interactions. Research efforts span a variety of disciplines, including computational social science, econometrics, operations research, market intelligence, survey science, and statistical computing. We employ a mixture of methods to accomplish our goals, including machine learning, field experiments, surveys, and information visualization. We also build scalable platforms for the collection, management, and analysis of data, and actively contribute our scientific findings to the academic research community.

For information about Core Data Science research at Meta, visit the Core Data Science page.

Latest Publications

Automatic Alt-Text (AAT) allows screen reader users the ability to understand the content of most images (hopefully all images soon!) in News Feed.

The reach of Facebook friendships across European cities.

Calculating three and a half degrees of separation.

Researchers explored the dynamic of jobs running in families. This network visualization shows how much more likely a child of a parent in one profession is to choose another profession vs. someone from the general population.

Example social network showing exposure to diverse information on Facebook

Visualization of popular Indian politicians and political organizations for each state and their fan following across states. Visualization inspired by mbostock’s hierarchical edge bundling.

Figure shows different cities in India and the most prominent emotion among the posts from that city as they celebrated Independence Day.

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