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Keeping the Meta community safe and secure

Research into security and privacy is a constant and important part of supporting the Meta community so that we can ensure each and every person’s communication and personal information is kept safe.

Our diverse team of security and privacy researchers at Meta span many disciplines, such as software engineering, usability, penetration testing, spam-prevention, and detecting and responding to new online threats. Research efforts focus on staying ahead of immediate challenges, such as protecting accounts from phishing and malware, as well as developing long-term solutions to ensure that Meta remains one of the best mediums for communicating personal information to your friends and family.

Keeping people’s communications and personal information safe and secure is a core part of our DNA at Meta. Our experts in security and privacy work around the clock to detect, design, and build new solutions to stay ahead of threats.

Samir Patel
Engineering Director, User Data Protection and Protect and Care

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