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Distributed systems for a large-scale geo-replicated infrastructure

About Core Systems

Our Core Systems researchers and engineers design, build, and deploy the foundation of Meta’s private cloud that powers Meta’s infrastructure and meets our business needs. Our work spans across the engineering spectrum of research, development, deployment, and production as we ensure that our systems run efficiently, reliably, and securely across millions of machines in tens of geo-replicated data center regions.

Core Systems performs forward-looking research in the area of distributed systems and architecture at a global scale. Billions of people rely on the services we build and manage to connect and communicate. Throughout the lifecycle of these distributed services, we encounter fundamental research challenges in multiple areas, including capacity management, configuration management, cluster management, deployment, distributed tracing, efficiency, fault tolerance, monitoring, performance, power management, reliability, routing, scalability, service discovery, and storage systems.

We build a strong collaboration pipeline with key experts in academia through Distributed Systems PhD fellowships, requests for proposals, faculty summits, and internship programs. In the broad area of distributed systems, we offer postdocs and professors visiting researcher opportunities with flexible term length. Please reach out to if you are interested. To learn more about visiting scholar experiences at Meta, read our Q&As with Tianyin Xu (UIUC) and Dimitrios Skarlatos (CMU).

Below are some examples of our recent publications:

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Latest Publications

Virtual Consensus in Delos

Mahesh Balakrishnan, Jason Flinn, Chen Shen, Mihir Dharamshi, Ahmed Jafri, Santosh Ghosh, Hazem Hassan, Aaryaman Sagar, Rhed Shi, Jingming Liu, Filip Gruszczynski, Xianan Zhang, Huy Hoang, Ahmed Yossef, Francois Richard, Yee Jiun Song

OSDI - 2020

Twine: A Unified Cluster Management System for Shared Infrastructure

Chunqiang (CQ) Tang, Kenny Yu, Kaushik Veeraraghavan, Jonathan Kaldor, Scott Michelson, Thawan Kooburat, Aravind Anbudurai, Matthew Clark, Kabir Gogia, Long Cheng, Ben Christensen, Alex Gartrell, Maxim Khutornenko, Sachin Kulkarni, Marcin Pawlowski, Tuomas Pelkonen, Andre Rodrigues, Rounak Tibrewal, Vaishnavi Venkatesan, Peter Zhang

OSDI - 2020

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