Building and deploying network infrastructure at Meta

About Networking

Networking is fundamental to the large-scale, distributed systems that power the family of Meta apps that are used by billions of people. Meta’s network infrastructure needs to constantly scale and evolve, rapidly adapting to our production needs. The ability to research and develop scalable, performant, reliable, efficient, and secure network infrastructure is at the core of our infrastructure design philosophy.

Our Networking researchers and engineers focus on making innovative and scalable networking technology by rethinking traditional approaches and designs and collaborating with research and open source communities to develop an ecosystem of open hardware and software.

The networking technologies span the entire networking stack (L1-L7); range from chip/interface/system hardware design to distributed systems for control, data, and management planes; and cover the whole network lifecycle, from planning/design/analytics, to provisioning/deployment/migration, to monitoring/troubleshooting/visualization. This also includes applications of related disciplines such as machine learning, optimization and algorithmic theory, and formal verification to the networking domain.

Over the years, we have developed and shared the details of numerous networking systems such as Fbflow (SIGCOMM 2015), Robotron (SIGCOMM 2016), Edge Fabric (SIGCOMM 2017), FBOSS (SIGCOMM 2018), Katran and Proxygen (SIGCOMM 2020), and many more.

We build a strong collaboration pipeline with key experts in academia through Networking PhD fellowships, requests for proposals, faculty summits, as well as internships and visiting researcher programs. To help build diversity and inclusion in the fields of Networking and Communications, Meta has been a committed partner of N2Women since 2017.

Featured Publications

Running BGP in Data Centers at Scale

Anubhavnidhi Abhashkumar, Kausik Subramanian, Alexey Andreyev, Hyojeong Kim, Nanda Kishore Salem, Jingyi Yang, Petr Lapukhov, Aditya Akella, James Hongyi Zeng

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