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Quantifying the potential global economic impact of the metaverse

This report, authored by Analysis Group economists Lau Christensen and Alex Robinson and commissioned by Meta, explores the potential global economic impact of the metaverse. The report provides evidence of how previous innovations and breakthrough technologies contributed to economic growth, and leverages World Bank and International Telecommunication Union data on GDP and mobile broadband adoption, respectively, to estimate the metaverse’s potential economic impact on GDP ten years after adoption. The report also includes an overview of business use cases of metaverse technologies today in the section titled: “Uses of metaverse technologies around the world.”

Global report

The Analysis Group report, “The Potential Global Economic Impact of the Metaverse,” lays the groundwork for how the metaverse, as currently envisioned, could contribute to global and regional economic growth, using a theoretical and empirical framework based upon adoption of previous technologies.

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Regional collateral

Regional collateral include a high-level overview of the report methodology, region-specific estimates of economic impact, and region-specific business use cases of metaverse technologies today.

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