World Haptics Workshop 2019

Perception & Engineering researchers: learning how to work together to build hand-based wearable haptic devices

Tuesday, July 9th | Sola City Conference Center in Ochanomizu, Tokyo, Japan

Bridging the gap between engineering haptic devices and haptic perception science can be challenging. Engineers generally try to create haptic devices and software that outperform previous ones while perception scientists tend to use such devices to create sensations that can be studied. But the two classes of researchers often do so independently, with little information exchange. To make more than incremental changes to the devices and the understanding of perception, researchers from the two fields need to effectively communicate with each other at multiple different levels of abstraction. This is particularly challenging, because it requires bi-directional conveyance of nuanced understanding and insight. To accomplish this, a common language needs to be created and shared across device design and the science of haptic perception.

At the World Haptics Conference 2019, Facebook Reality Labs is organizing a workshop focusing to facilitate the dialogue, offering different perspectives on the same topics. Two speakers will present on the same topic offering different perspectives highlighting their research interests, lessons learned, unanswered questions, different ways of approaching the same problem and challenges. Particular attention will be devoted to ‘success stories’ of cross-functional collaborations and research problem that could benefit from cross-functional input.

Topics will focus on hand-mounted haptic displays based on different haptic primitives in multi-sensory experience: Vibrations, Skin Stretch, and Impedance.


9:00-9:10am | Introduction

9:10-10:00am | Learnings from cross-functional work on Vibrations

  • Presentation by Tomohiro Amemiya [The University of Tokyo, Japan]
  • Presentation by Vincent Hayward [Sorbonne Université]

10:00-10:45am | Learnings from cross-functional work on Skin Stretch

  • Presentation by Claudio Pacchierotti [CNRS]
  • Presentation by Allison Okamura [Stanford University]

10:45-11:15am | Break

11:15am-12:00pm | Learnings from cross-functional work on Impedance

  • Presentation by Nicholas Colonnese [Facebook Reality Labs]
  • Presentation by Max Di Luca [Facebook Reality Labs, University of Birmingham]

12:00-12:30pm | Panel Discussion

Look out for us at the World Haptics Conference!