January 18, 2018

Announcing the 2018 Facebook Fellows and Emerging Scholars

By: Meta Research

Facebook is proud to announce the 2018 Facebook Fellowship and Emerging Scholar award winners. “This year we received over 800 applications from promising and talented PhD students from around the world,” said Sharon Ayalde, Fellowship Program Manager. “We are pleased and excited to award 17 Fellows and 6 Emerging Scholars – a significant increase from last year.” The program, now in its 7th year, has supported over 70 top PhD candidates.

The Facebook Fellowship program is designed to encourage and support promising doctoral students engaged in innovative and relevant research across computer science and engineering. The research topics from this year’s cohort range from natural language processing, computer vision, machine learning, commAI, networking and connectivity hardware, economics and computation, distributed systems, and security/privacy.

Launched in 2017, Emerging Scholar Awards are open to first or second year PhD students. The program is specifically designed to support talented students from under-represented minority groups in the technology sector to encourage them to continue their PhD studies, pursue innovative research, and engage with the broader research community.

Congratulations to this year’s talented group of Fellows and Emerging Scholars! We are excited to engage deeper with them, learn more about their research, and support their continued studies.

2018 Facebook Fellowship recipients

 2018 Emerging Scholar Award recipients

2018 Facebook Fellowship finalists

  • David Alvarez-Melis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Yiyang Chang, Purdue University
  • Gabriele Farina, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Hsiao-Yu Fish Tung, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Jon Gauthier, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Mingzhe Hao, The University of Chicago
  • Zhiting Hu, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Wei-Sheng Lai, University of California, Merced
  • Frank Li, University of California, Berkeley
  • Gali Noti, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Aditi Raghunathan, Stanford University
  • Yuhang Zhao, Cornell University
  • Yuke Zhu, Stanford University