Research Awards

Inviting participation in research aligned with our mission

From time to time, we invite academics to propose research in specific areas that align with our mission of building community and bringing the world closer together.

Invitations typically address specific research challenges that we have identified as important to this mission. These vary in nature, and we may solicit proposals from individual researchers addressing a well-defined problem or may require multiple university departments to collaborate, leveraging a diverse set of skills to solve a more complex, multi-disciplinary challenge.

Specific details on timing and criteria will apply to each call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you typically limit the salary of the principal investigator in the gift?

    Money for salary/headcount can be included in a proposal. It’s up to the reviewing team here at Meta to determine if the percentage of spend is reasonable and how that relates to their decision to award.

    Most RFP awards are unrestricted gifts. Due to this, salary/headcount can be included as part of the budget presented for the RFP. Since the award/gift is paid to the university, the institution will be responsible for allocating the funds to the winning project and have the freedom to use the funds as they determine.

  • Should proposals be double- or single-spaced? Is there any required font?

    While we are flexible, our request is that proposals be submitted single-spaced, using Times New Roman, 12 pt font.

  • What is the award cycle or when does the funding year begin and end?

    Research awards are given year-round and funding years/duration vary by proposal.

  • Can award funds be used to cover a researcher's summer salary while conducting research?

    Yes, award funds can be used to cover a researcher’s salary.

  • Can you explain the budget breakdown in more detail?

    Budgets can vary by institution and geography, but overall research funds ideally cover the following:

    • graduate or post-graduate students’ employment/tuition
    • other research costs (e.g., equipment, laptops, incidentals)
    • travel associated with the research (conferences, workshops, summits, etc.)

    Overhead for research gifts is limited to 5%.

  • We are working as co-PIs. Is it possible to list both of our names as PI for an RFP proposal?

    Co-PIs are welcome! One person will need to be identified as the primary principal investigator (i.e., the submitter who will receive all email notifications). However, you’ll be given the opportunity to list collaborators/co-PIs in the submission form. Please note in your budget breakdown how the funds should be dispersed amongst PIs.

  • Can I have a co-PI from a different institution?

    Absolutely. We welcome submissions from collaborators at the same or different institutions. Note: payment will be made to the primary PI’s host institution and can be further disbursed by that institution.

  • If a proposal is selected as a winner and has co-PIs from different institutions, can you split the award?

    We welcome submissions from multiple co-PIs from the same or different institutions on a single proposal. All collaborators and institutions will be named as part of the award communication on the Meta Research website; however, the full amount of the award payment will be made to the primary PI’s host institution and can be further disbursed by that institution.

  • What are the terms and conditions if my proposal is selected as a winner and is awarded as a gift?

    RFP winners that are awarded as gifts will be provided a standard Meta-branded gift letter requiring signature from an authorized university representative to initiate the payment process. University representatives, administrators, or other partners with an interest in the specific terms can review them below. The gift letter contains standard terms and conditions included in all Meta gift letters with academics, such as:

    — The gift is inclusive of all fees and charges that may apply

    — The management and expenditure practices and any assessment applied to the gift shall be done in accordance with university policies and procedures

    — Meta will have no control or influence over the independent conduct of any studies or research performed using the gift, or over the dissemination of research findings

    — All intellectual property or data resulting from the use of the gift will be retained by university/institution and university/institution may publicly disclose the results of research supported by the gift in academic publications, presentations, grant/funding applications, etc.

    — The university/institution confirms that its acceptance and use of the gift:

      • will not interfere with the official duties of its faculty or employees and that the university/institution will not allow its faculty or employees to perform any official action to improperly benefit Meta
      • complies with applicable regulations, policies, and rules of the university/institution
      • will not violate applicable laws, including laws relating to export control, trade sanctions, anti-corruption, or political activities laws
      • does not conflict with any other obligation university/institution, its faculty or employees may have to any other party
      • the university/institution will promptly inform Meta of any circumstances that would make acceptance, retention, or use of the gift inappropriate

    — Both parties shall agree in advance on the content of any public announcement or posting relating to the gift and written consent must be obtained to use either parties’ name, trademark, or logo in any such public announcement or post

    — Meta may include a factual statement about the gift in its public reports or blog posts on the website without prior notice to or consent from the university/institution

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