May 22, 2019

Facebook AI’s Joelle Pineau receives Governor General’s Innovation Award

By: Meta Research

Joelle Pineau, the Co-Managing Director of Facebook AI Research (FAIR) and head of FAIR Montreal, is one of six recipients of the Governor General’s Innovation Awards. The award recognizes Canadian leaders for their groundbreaking innovations and positive impact on the quality of life in the country.

Pineau’s research focuses on developing new models and algorithms for planning and learning in complex, partially observable domains. She is recognized for applying these algorithms to problems in robotics and in health care. Pineau is also a vocal advocate for increasing diversity among researchers and academics in the AI community.

In addition to leading Facebook AI’s research efforts in Montreal, she is also an associate professor at McGill University, where she co-directs the Reasoning and Learning Lab.

Pineau sat down to share her health care-related work and how AI can have a positive impact on the world. See the Facebook AI blog for the full Q&A.