September 4, 2020

Facebook grants CrowdTangle access to all research award recipients

By: Naomi Shiffman, Sharon Ayalde

Facebook believes in supporting independent academic research. This is why we announced in July a new public application for academics to gain access to CrowdTangle, a public insights tool from Facebook that makes it easy to follow, analyze, and report on what’s happening across social media. We also launched a new data access hub where researchers could see all the Facebook data sets that are available to them.

To take this one step further, starting today, we are granting CrowdTangle access to all current and future university-based research award winners. Access will be granted to the principal investigators (PI) and co-PI(s) of all winning proposals. To obtain access, PIs will need to submit an application. They will then be approved for access automatically.

More information on obtaining CrowdTangle access through research awards is available on each individual research award page. Learn more about CrowdTangle’s work with academics and researchers on the CrowdTangle website.