March 22, 2022

Registration now open for the Symposium on Entrepreneurship and the Digital Economy, hosted by IE University

By: Meta Research

Meta invites the academic community to the Symposium on Entrepreneurship and the Digital Economy, hosted by our partners at the IE University in Madrid on March 28, 2022. Those interested can register at the link below.


This is the third in a series of academic workshops that are part of the IE University Research Initiative on Policy Management in the Digital Economy. The theme of the first workshop was innovation, the theme of the second workshop was ecosystem governance, and the theme of this workshop is entrepreneurship and the digital economy. To unpack this multifaceted subject, the event will comprise two sessions:

  • A moderated discussion on the impact of digital technologies and digital innovation on entrepreneurship, delving into expert opinion on startup launch and growth, competition, and entrepreneurial exploration
  • A panel weighing the opportunities and challenges of data-driven entrepreneurship

These discussions will bring together voices from academia as well as Meta Public Policy Directors Julia Reuss and Probir Mehta. The event is organized and moderated by IE entrepreneurship experts Christina Kyprianou and Julio de Castro.

This workshop, like the others, will set the foundation for a cumulative policy roundtable in late 2022 by determining the key open questions and implications that policymakers and other practitioners may want to consider and exchange.

Mission and vision

Academics, small business owners, policymakers, and the general public all have a stake in understanding the implications of technology and policy on our everyday lives. This initiative’s goal is to create a forum to bridge academic research and public understanding of digital business, and elevate policy-relevant academic research to enhance policy discussions in Europe.

With its focus on creating linkages with practitioners, the IE Business School was the perfect partner to bring this to life. “Digitalization for new ventures is both a great opportunity and a serious risk. Understanding the right approach to digitalization is key for long-term venture success and survival,” says entrepreneurship scholar and IE professor Julio de Castro, the head of the initiative. “Our workshop will provide directions in that regard.”

What’s next

This year will see two more events: the fourth workshop, on sustainability, and a cumulative policy roundtable in which IE scholars will facilitate discussions with public officials (regulators and other policy influencers) around the questions that emerged from the prior workshops, looking ahead.