September 6, 2022

Announcing the winners of the 2022 Systems Research request for proposals

By: Meta Research

In April, Meta launched the 2022 Systems Research request for proposals (RFP). Today, we’re announcing the winners of this award.

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Every day, billions of people connect with each other through Meta’s products and services, including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Our Core Systems researchers and engineers design, build, and deploy the foundation of Meta’s private cloud that powers Meta’s infrastructure and meets our business needs.

For this RFP, we were especially interested in proposals that addressed fundamental challenges that arise in distributed systems operating at a large scale. Besides the general area of distributed systems, there are three areas that we are particularly interested in partnering with academia to solve:

  • Infrastructure control planes
  • Service abstractions and efficiency
  • Global service management

The RFP attracted 68 proposals from 54 universities around the world. “We congratulate the awardees and are inspired by their work and look forward to its future progress,” said Justin Meza, Research Lead for the RFP and a Research Scientist in Infrastructure here at Meta. “This year, we received a diverse array of high-quality submissions from our peers in academia, which made selecting the six awardees a challenging task. We thank the research community for its continued engagement and look forward to our future collaboration!”

Research award recipients

Principal investigators are listed first unless otherwise noted.

Detection and prevention of upgrade failures in distributed systems
Yongle Zhang (Purdue University)

Efficient and scalable log compression and analytics
Ding Yuan (University of Toronto)

Enabling efficient hyperscale web systems
Akshitha Sriraman (Carnegie Mellon University)

Redesigning virtual memory management for the datacenter
Dimitrios Skarlatos (Carnegie Mellon University)

Resource-centric serverless computing for private clouds
Yiying Zhang (University of California, San Diego)

Software architectures for large-scale coherent shared memory
Ryan Stutsman (University of Utah)