Headshot of Reza Ghaiumy Anaraky
Headshot of Reza Ghaiumy Anaraky


Reza Ghaiumy Anaraky

Clemson University


I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Human-Centered Computing Division within the School of Computing at Clemson University, where I am advised by Dr. Bart Knijnenburg.  My research aims to identify novel solutions for online privacy issues. I especially endeavor to empower minorities and older adult populations to manage their online privacy as currently, these groups are less attended to in the academic literature and industry. My goal is to help everyone benefit from the technology equally. Privacy issues involve a broad range of topics from different disciplines. To address them, I formed an interdisciplinary collaboration with researchers from the fields of computer science, psychology, communication, and business. My research on privacy, behavioral economics, and social computing has received different academic and institutional awards, such as Mather’s Innovative Research on Aging Award (2020).