Headshot of Julian Chibane
Headshot of Julian Chibane


Julian Chibane

Max Planck Institute for Informatics / University of Tubingen


I am a PhD student at the Real Virtual Humans group at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics and University of Tübingen, under supervision of Prof. Dr. Gerard Pons-Moll. I finished my MSc in Intelligent Systems at University of Würzburg, Germany (awarded as Best Student with best possible grade, 1.0). It is my vision and belief that 3D Computer Vision, Graphics, and Machine Learning will soon heavily enrich our everyday life in AR and VR. For AR, expanding what is physically sensible, to any desired information displayed in an environment sensitive way. Or, for VR, allowing us to explore existing and novel worlds, effectively removing dividing borders. One important aspect of our human nature is to socialize; in order not to lose ourselves in isolated machines' worlds, my vision is to teleport our real selves into real virtual worlds, effectively bringing all of us closer together. This requires capture and synthesis of our surrounding 3D (or 4D, when including time) world, including humans.