Headshot of Abhishek Das
Headshot of Abhishek Das


Abhishek Das

Georgia Institute of Technology


Abhishek Das is a 3rd year Computer Science PhD student at Georgia Tech, advised by Dhruv Batra, and working closely with Devi Parikh.

His research goal is to build intelligent agents that possess the ability to perceive the rich visual environment around us, reason and infer from perception in an interpretable and actionable manner, communicate this understanding to humans and other agents, and act on this understanding in physical worlds.

Towards this grand goal, his work combines insights from different areas of artificial intelligence — computer vision, language understanding, reinforcement learning — and has led to the development of agents that can hold free-form conversations about visual content and algorithms to train these agents without exhaustively collecting human-annotated datasets (via simulation or self-play), algorithms to make these agents interpretable (explain why they predict what they predict), and embodied agents that can actively perceive and execute actions, including navigation, to accomplish tasks (such as question-answering) in partially-observable physical virtual environments.

For links to papers, datasets, code, talks, etc., please visit his website.