Headshot of Andrés Ignacio Cristi Espinosa
Headshot of Andrés Ignacio Cristi Espinosa


Andrés Ignacio Cristi Espinosa

Universidad de Chile


I graduated as a Mathematical Engineer and an MS in Operations Management at Universidad de Chile, where I am also currently pursuing a PhD advised by José Correa and Paul Dütting. My research is focused on the interplay between optimization and incentives, this is, situations where the outcome depends on the actions of strategic agents. I am particularly interested in allocation problems with a dynamic aspect, where decisions are made on the fly. I also often consider data-driven approaches, in which decisions are directly made using observations rather than standard distributional assumptions. Modern platforms like routing apps, online advertisers and online marketplaces face these challenges on a daily basis, and my work is centered on understanding the fundamental aspects that drive decision-making in these settings.