Headshot of Judith Amores Fernandez
Headshot of Judith Amores Fernandez


Judith Amores Fernandez

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Judith is a second year graduate student in the Fluid Interfaces Group at the MIT Media Lab. Her main area of research focuses on Human Computer Interaction with the aim of making the user experience more seamless, natural and integrated in our physical lives. Her goal is to design and develop novel form factors that leverage the full range of sensory capabilities and control modalities of the user.

Research Summary

Judith has developed interactive prototypes in the areas of mixed and virtual reality, remote collaboration and technologies for entertainment and learning. She has explored the use of wearable devices such as head-mounted displays and wearable fashion to create solutions that more naturally extend our minds, bodies and behavior.

In future research she will explore the use of auxiliary physical and physiological input devices such as EEG brain activity sensors and head mounted displays to support natural interactions. By monitoring the affective and cognitive state of users, she seeks to enable them to communicate and learn at a deeper and more connected level.