Headshot of Kiryong Ha
Headshot of Kiryong Ha


Kiryong Ha

Carnegie Mellon University


Kiryong Ha (http://krha.kr/) is a Ph.D. student at Carnegie Mellon University advised by Professor Mahadev Satyanarayanan. His research interests spans to mobile computing, virtualization and cloud computing. He is currently working on Cloudlet, a new architectural element that arises from the convergence of mobile computing and cloud computing.

Research Summary

The goal of Kiryong’s research is providing the power of cloud computing to the mobile devices. Apple’s Siri or Augmented Reality Apps, which perform resource-intensive computing at the cloud, hint at the rich commercial opportunities in this emerging space. Through context-aware real-time scene interpretation (such as recognition of objects, faces, activities, signage text, and sounds), one can imagine new mobile applications that offer helpful guidance for everyday life much beyond what today’s Siri can offer. To accomplish this ambitious goal, he is working on cloudlets, which is mobility-enhanced small-scale cloud data centers that seamlessly extending today cloud.
Cloudlets provide low end-to-end network responsiveness to the mobile devices, which is critical for cloud-backed mobile computing.