Headshot of Yue Jiang
Headshot of Yue Jiang


Yue Jiang

Aalto University


I am a Ph.D. student supervised by Prof. Antti Oulasvirta and Prof. Vikas Garg at Aalto University and Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI), Finland. I'm interested in applying computational approaches to adaptive user interfaces. I also work closely with Prof. Wolfgang Stuerzlinger (Simon Fraser University, Canada) and Prof. Christof Lutteroth (University of Bath, UK) on our series of OR-Constraint (ORC) Adaptive GUI layout projects. Before my Ph.D., I got my Master's degree in Computer Graphics from the University of Maryland, College Park, USA, and my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Mathematics majors from the University of Toronto, Canada.

I have been active in contributing to the research community. I have been an Associate Chair (AC) for CHI Late-Breaking Work four times and a workshop proposal jury at CHI2023. I am also interested in improving the accessibility of conferences. I am an accessibility co-chair at CHI2023 and CHI2024. I also serve as a member of AccessSIGCHI and ACM SIGGRAPH Research Development Committee --- DEI and Accessibility.

Visit my website here.