Headshot of Chao Li
Headshot of Chao Li


Chao Li

University of Florida


Research Summary:

My research agenda is shaped by the emerging trend towards designing eco-friendly green high-performance computing systems. My doctoral work focuses on the question of how to leverage the most promising renewable energy technologies and emerging hardware and software techniques to tackle the energy and environmental challenges faced by computing systems today and tomorrow. I’m currently developing a power management framework that can facilitate highly efficient green energy integration in large-scale computing infrastructures.

What impact does your research have?

Our techniques have transformative impact in that it can greatly contribute to enabling computing systems to stay on track with their historic performance scaling trend, and thereby benefit numerous real-life applications in the era of cloud computing and smart grid. Our recent work (supported in part by Facebook Fellowship) have been published on premier computer architecture and hardware venues such as MICRO’13, ISLPED’13, and ICAC’14

How did the Facebook Fellowship help support this?

Facebook Fellowship is undoubtedly a tremendous support for my past and on-going projects. In addition to the generous stipend, I also want to thank Facebook for the technical insights they provide in their Open Compute Project.

How was the experience of being a Facebook Fellow?

It was great! I very much appreciate that Facebook provides unrestricted computer and conference travel support. Thank you, Facebook.

What are the next steps for you in your research?

I intend to apply my expertise to the design of smartly integrated computing systems in the big data and smart grid environment. My longer-term goals are focused on the development of self-management techniques for handling the ever-growing design complexity in these systems. My future work seeks to forge new interdisciplinary collaborations that transcend conventional computing research projects, which allows us to make even greater strides in sustainable computing. I look forward to future collaborations with Facebook.