Headshot of Jonathan Perry
Headshot of Jonathan Perry


Jonathan Perry



Jonathan is a Ph.D student in MITCSAIL‘s Networks and MobileSystems group,advised by Hari Balakrishnan and Devavrat Shah. He received his B.Sc. in Computer Science from Tel-Aviv University in 2003, after which he worked for 7 years in communication systems R&D and HPC algorithm development.

Research Summary

Jonathan’s current research focuses on enabling richer and faster datacenter applications, by designing datacenter networks and operating system components that provide predictable, low-latency communication between endpoints. Fastpass is a network architecture designed for high utilization and zero queueing: a logically centralized arbiter controls and orchestrates all network transfers. With the resulting tight network guarantees, developers do not need to handle stragglers due to packet loss, incast, and network hotspots, and operators do not need to over-provision their networks to obtain low latency.