Headshot of Akshitha Sriraman
Headshot of Akshitha Sriraman


Akshitha Sriraman

University of Michigan


Akshitha Sriraman is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Michigan. She is advised by Prof. Thomas F. Wenisch on her computer architecture and systems dissertation research, specifically on the topic of enabling hyperscale web services. Her work bridges computer architecture and software systems and demonstrates the importance of that bridge in improving the performance, cost, and energy efficiency of modern hyperscale data center systems. Sriraman has influenced the design of server architectures via hardware analysis of production data center systems. Her subsequent analytical models and software designs were deployed at Facebook, and they show how data center hardware can be made more efficient.

Her research has appeared at top-tier systems venues like OSDI, ISCA, and ASPLOS. Sriraman has been recognized with a Rakham Merit Ph.D. Fellowship and was selected for the Rising Stars in EECS 2019 workshop. For more information, please visit her webpage.