Headshot of Paul Streli
Headshot of Paul Streli


Paul Streli

ETH Zurich


I am a PhD student at the Sensing, Interaction & Perception Lab at ETH Zürich with Christian Holz.

In my research, I investigate how immersive technologies can uniquely enable all our interaction in emerging Virtual and Mixed Reality systems, particularly during productivity tasks. These require interaction over prolonged periods of time with novel UI and interaction concepts that depart from today’s WIMP-inspired designs.

Combining my backgrounds in machine learning, computer vision and signal processing, I develop novel sensing techniques and learning-based perception algorithms to inform future interaction. I envision this to be precise, non-fatiguing, and intuitive, requiring all sensing and equipment to be unobtrusive and lightweight for seamless use—anytime and anywhere.
Before starting my PhD, I completed a master’s degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering at Imperial College London. For more information, please visit my website.