Headshot of Chenhao Tan
Headshot of Chenhao Tan


Chenhao Tan

Cornell University


Chenhao is a PhD student at the Department of Computer Science, Cornell University. He is advised by Professor Lillian Lee. He is broadly interested in social computing, with a focus on language and social interaction. He received bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Economics from Tsinghua University.

Research Summary

The increasing availability of previously unobservable social interactions provides exciting opportunities to study human behavior. Chenhao’s research aims at using such data to to investigate new problems and develop new methods, so that more “effective” social interaction can be facilitated. His current research examines two aspects. One is to understand the effect of language in persuasion. People actively try to communicate in a way that best suits their goals, such as propagating a new item or message, getting liked or having a good conversation. Is there a better wording that works better for a goal? The other is users’ multi-community engagement. People interact with multiple communities both online and offline. His work helps unfold the process of people choosing and adapting to different communities.