Adaptive Display White Point for Enhancing Viewing Experience of Mixed Reality Headsets

IS&T Color and Imaging Conference (CIC)


The development of various new imaging systems introduces new viewing conditions that did not exist in the past. Mixed reality systems, which capture the real environment and render the captured image on display with virtual objects superimposed, require more immersive and realistic feeling than virtual and augmented reality systems, especially when users just put on the headsets. Therefore, the rendering shown on the display needs to be carefully adjusted to match the appearance in the real environment. In this study, we specifically focus on reproducing the overall color tone of the real environment under different ambient illumination colors by shifting the white point of the display. The human observers viewed a real environment under different ambient illumination conditions, in terms of CCT and chromaticities, and evaluated the rendering of the captured scene with 44 white points. The results clearly suggested that the display white point should be adaptive to the ambient illumination color, especially when the ambient illumination had a CCT below 4000 K, to provide a good user experience.

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