Adaptive Multi-Corpora Language Model Training for Speech Recognition

IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP)


Neural network language model (NNLM) plays an essential role in automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems, especially in adaptation tasks when text-only data is available. In practice, an NNLM is typically trained on a combination of data sampled from multiple corpora. Thus, the data sampling strategy is important to the adaption performance. Most existing works focus on designing static sampling strategies. However, each corpus may show varying impacts at different NNLM training stages. In this paper, we introduce a novel adaptive multi-corpora training algorithm that dynamically learns and adjusts the sampling probability of each corpus along the training process. The algorithm is robust to corpora sizes and domain relevance. Co pared with static sampling strategy baselines, the proposed approach yields remarkable improvement by achieving up to relative 7% and 9% word error rate (WER) reductions on in-domain and out-of-domain adaptation tasks, respectively.

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