Audiodec: An Open-Source Streaming High-Fidelity Neural Audio Codec

International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP)


A good audio codec for live applications such as telecommunication is characterized by three key properties: (1) compression, i.e. the bitrate that is required to transmit the signal should be as low as possible; (2) latency, i.e. encoding and decoding the signal needs to be fast enough to enable communication without or with only minimal noticeable delay; and (3) reconstruction quality of the signal. In this work, we propose an open-source, streamable, and real-time neural audio codec that achieves strong performance along all three axes: it can reconstruct highly natural sounding 48 kHz speech signals while operating at only 12 kbps and running with less than 6 ms (GPU)/10 ms (CPU) latency. An efficient training paradigm is also demonstrated for developing such neural audio codecs for real-world scenarios. Both objective and subjective evaluations using the VCTK corpus are provided. To sum up, AudioDec is a well- developed plug-and-play benchmark for audio codec applications.

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