Bellowband: A Pneumatic Wristband for Delivering Local Pressure and Vibration

IEEE World Haptics Conference


In this paper we present the design and control of Bellowband, a pneumatic wristband for localized pressure and vibration haptic feedback. The wristband has eight equally spaced pneumatic bellows that extend into the wrist, constructed from layers of polyester thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), resulting in a flexible, lightweight (11 g) band capable of rendering complex pressure and vibration cues to the user. Each bellow can withstand over 100 kPa, extend over 10 mm, and exert over 10 N of force at zero displacement. Quasi-static analysis is performed to estimate bellow force for a given input pressure and bellow displacement, and the dynamic response is examined experimentally. Finally, we demonstrate the wristband’s ability to deliver various haptic cues to the wrist, including uniform squeeze, uniform vibration, local force, and local vibration. Bellowband is a thin, soft, low-encumbrance wristband that can provide meaningful haptic feedback, making it ideal for AR/VR environments.

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