Editorial: Presence and Beyond: Evaluating User Experience in AR/MR/VR

Frontiers in Virtual Reality Journal


The call for this Research Topic was intentionally broad: We sought papers that identify or propose constructs that can be used to describe AR/MR/VR, and papers that evaluate the utility of those constructs; we sought papers that discussed measures relating to user experience in AR/MR/VR - including, but not limited to, presence. In the end, we were very happy to publish fifteen articles addressing a variety of these questions - but, notably, not all of them. In the remainder of this editorial, we briefly introduce each of the fifteen articles, loosely grouping them into relevant categories. We then discuss each of the three categories in turn, and close with a call to action for our AR/MR/VR research community to more actively engage with human-computer interaction (HCI) and user experience (UX) researchers.

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