Going deeper with Image Transformers

International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV)


Transformers have been recently adapted for large scale image classification, achieving high scores shaking up the long supremacy of convolutional neural networks. However the optimization of vision transformers has been little studied so far. In this work, we build and optimize deeper transformer networks for image classification. In particular, we investigate the interplay of architecture and optimization of such dedicated transformers. We make two architecture changes that significantly improve the accuracy of deep transformers. This leads us to produce models whose performance does not saturate early with more depth, for instance we obtain 86.5% top-1 accuracy on Imagenet when training with no external data, we thus attain the current sate of the art with less floating-point operations and parameters. Our best model establishes the new state of the art on Imagenet with Reassessed labels and Imagenet-V2 / match frequency, in the setting with no additional training data. We share our code and models at: GitHub.

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