Learning Goal-Conditioned Policies Offline with Self-Supervised Reward Shaping

Conference on Robot Learning (CoRL)


Developing agents that can execute multiple skills by learning from pre-collected datasets is an important problem in robotics, where online interaction with the environment is extremely time-consuming. Moreover, manually designing reward functions for every single desired skill is prohibitive. Prior works [1, 2] targeted these challenges by learning goal-conditioned policies from offline datasets without manually specified rewards, through hindsight relabeling. These methods suffer from the issue of sparsity of rewards, and fail at long-horizon tasks. In this work, we propose a novel self-supervised learning phase on the pre-collected dataset to understand the structure and the dynamics of the model, and shape a dense reward function for learning policies offline. We evaluate our method on three continuous control tasks, and show that our model significantly outperforms existing approaches [1, 2], especially on tasks that involve long-term planning.

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