Log-structured Protocols in Delos

ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP)


Developers have access to a wide range of storage APIs and functionality in large-scale systems, such as relational databases, key-value stores, and namespaces. However, this diversity comes at a cost: each API is implemented by a complex distributed system that is dicult to develop and operate. Delos amortizes this cost by enabling dierent APIs on a shared codebase and operational platform. The primary innovation in Delos is a log-structured protocol: a fine-grained replicated state machine executing above a shared log that can be layered into reusable protocol stacks under dierent databases. We built and deployed two production databases using Delos at Facebook, creating nine dierent log-structured protocols in the process. We show via experiments and production data that log-structured protocols impose low overhead, while allowing optimizations that can improve latency by up to 100X (e.g., via leasing) and throughput by up to 2X (e.g., via batching).

Latest Publications

Boosted Dense Retriever

Patrick Lewis, Barlas Oğuz, Wenhan Xiong, Fabio Petroni, Wen-tau Yih, Sebastian Riedel

NAACL - 2022