Meta’s Corporate Social Responsibility: Case Study

State of the Planet (Columbia Climate School)


The criticism Meta has drawn for other aspects of its corporate sustainability efforts are fairly unique to the social media industry: namely, their content moderation processes and privacy practices. Learnings from these challenges will extend to other social media companies and, to some extent, other software companies more broadly. The explicit responsibilities of platform companies will become increasingly important as the company and industry expands into broader consumer products, such as wearables, and the Metaverse. Integrity efforts across these platforms also oversee dynamics intersecting across its core user base, advertisers across the Family of Apps, developers managing third-party apps, and other businesses operating across the general Family of Apps and, especially, the Commerce products. Thus, Meta’s investment in corporate sustainability across these dimensions does, and must, cross all organizations and encompass external stakeholders. Further, for any company, to support these efforts effectively, there must be alignment across all levels of leadership.

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