Neural-GIF: Neural Generalized Implicit Functions for Animating People in Clothing

International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV)


We present Neural Generalized Implicit Functions (Neural-GIF), to animate people in clothing as a function of the body pose. Given a sequence of scans of a subject in various poses, we learn to animate the character for new poses. Existing methods have relied on template-based representations of the human body (or clothing). However such models usually have fixed and limited resolutions, require difficult data pre-processing steps and cannot be used with complex clothing. We draw inspiration from template-based methods, which factorize motion into articulation and nonrigid deformation, but generalize this concept for implicit shape learning to obtain a more flexible model. We learn to map every point in the space to a canonical space, where a learned deformation field is applied to model non-rigid effects, before evaluating the signed distance field. Our formulation allows the learning of complex and non-rigid deformations of clothing and soft tissue, without computing a template registration as it is common with current approaches. Neural-GIF can be trained on raw 3D scans and reconstructs detailed complex surface geometry and deformations. Moreover, the model can generalize to new poses. We evaluate our method on a variety of characters from different public datasets in diverse clothing styles and show significant improvements over baseline methods, quantitatively and qualitatively. We also extend our model to multiple shape setting. To stimulate further research, we will make the model, code and data publicly available at: 

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