SCA: Streaming Cross-attention Alignment for Echo Cancellation

IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP)


End-to-End deep learning has shown promising results for speech enhancement tasks, such as noise suppression, dereverberation, and speech separation. However, most stateof-the-art methods for echo cancellation are either classical DSP-based or hybrid DSP-ML algorithms. Components such as the delay estimator and adaptive linear filter are based on traditional signal processing concepts, and deep learning algorithms typically only serve to replace the nonlinear residual echo suppressor. This paper introduces an end-to-end echo cancellation network with a streaming cross-attention alignment (SCA). Our proposed method can handle unaligned inputs without requiring external alignment and generate high-quality speech without echoes. At the same time, the end-to-end algorithm simplifies the current echo cancellation pipeline for time-variant echo path cases. We test our proposed method on the ICASSP2022 and Interspeech2021 Microsoft deep echo cancellation challenge evaluation dataset, where our method outperforms some of the other hybrid and end-to-end methods.

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