The Casual Conversations v2 Dataset



This paper introduces a new large consent-driven dataset aimed at assisting in the evaluation of algorithmic bias and robustness of computer vision and audio speech models in regards to 11 attributes that are self-provided or labeled by trained annotators. The dataset includes 26,467 videos of 5,567 unique paid participants, with an average of almost 5 videos per person, recorded in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Vietnam, Philippines, and the USA, representing diverse demographic characteristics. The participants agreed for their data to be used in assessing fairness of AI models and provided self-reported age, gender, language/dialect, disability status, physical adornments, physical attributes and geo-location information, while trained annotators labeled apparent skin tone using the Fitzpatrick Skin Type and Monk Skin Tone scales, and voice timbre. Annotators also labeled for different recording setups and per-second activity annotations.

Latest Publications

A Practical Stereo Depth System for Smart Glasses

Jialiang Wang, Daniel Scharstein, Akash Bapat, Kevin Blackburn-Matzen Matthew Yu, Jonathan Lehman, Suhib Alsisan, Yanghan Wang, Sam Tsai, Jan-Michael Frahm, Zijian He, Peter Vajda, Michael Cohen, Matt Uyttendaele

CVPR - 2023

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Yutian James Sun, Tim Meehan, Rebecca Schlussel, Wenlei Xie, Masha Basmanova, Orri Erling, Andrii Rosa, Shixuan Fan, Rongrong Zhong, Arun Thirupathi, Nikhil Collooru, Ke Wang, Sameer Agarwal, Arjun Gupta, Dionysios Logothetis, Kostas Xirogiannopoulos, Bin Fan, Amit Dutta, Varun Gajjala, Rohit Jain, Ajay Palakuzhy, Prithvi Pandian, Sergey Pershin, Abhisek Saikia, Pranjal Shankhdhar, Neerad Somanchi, Swapnil Tailor, Jialiang Tan, Sreeni Viswanadha, Zac Wen, Deepak Majeti, Aditi Pandit, Biswapesh Chattopadhyay

SIGMOD - 2023