Unified Transformer Tracker for Object Tracking

Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)


As an important area in computer vision, object tracking has formed two separate communities that respectively study Single Object Tracking (SOT) and Multiple Object Tracking (MOT). However, current methods in one tracking scenario are not easily adapted to the other due to the divergent training datasets and tracking objects of both tasks. Although UniTrack [44] demonstrates that a shared appearance model with multiple heads can be used to tackle individual tracking tasks, it fails to exploit the large-scale tracking datasets for training and performs poorly on the single object tracking. In this work, we present the Unified Transformer Tracker (UTT) to address tracking problems in different scenarios with one paradigm. A track transformer is developed in our UTT to track the target in both SOT and MOT where the correlation between the target feature and the tracking frame feature is exploited to localize the target. We demonstrate that both SOT and MOT tasks can be solved within this framework, and the model can be simultaneously end-to-end trained by alternatively optimizing the SOT and MOT objectives on the datasets of individual tasks. Extensive experiments are conducted on several benchmarks with a unified model trained on both SOT and MOT datasets.

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