Finding the Best k in Core Decomposition: A Time and Space Optimal Solution

International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE)


The mode of k-core and its hierarchical decomposition have been applied in many areas, such as sociology, the world wide web, and biology. Algorithms on related studies often need an input value of parameter k, while there is no existing solution other than manual selection. In this paper, given a graph and a scoring metric, we aim to efficiently find the best value of k such that the score of the k-core (or k-core set) is the highest. The problem is challenging because there are various community scoring metrics and the computation is costly on large datasets. With the well-designed vertex ordering techniques, we propose time and space optimal algorithms to compute the best k, which are applicable to most community metrics. The proposed algorithms can compute the score of every k-core (set) and can benefit the solutions to other k-core related problems. Extensive experiments are conducted on 10 real-world networks with size up to billion-scale, which validates both the efficiency of our algorithms and the effectiveness of the resulting k-cores.

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