Tight approximation for the minimum bottleneck generalized matching problem

Computing and Combinatorics Conference (Cocoon)


We study a problem arising in statistical analysis called the minimum bottleneck generalized matching problem that involves breaking up a population into blocks in order to carry out generalizable statistical analyses of randomized experiments. At a high level the problem is to find a clustering of the population such that each part is at least a given size and has at least a given number of elements from each treatment class (so that the experiments are statistically significant), and that all elements within a block are as similar as possible (to improve the accuracy of the analysis). (Read more)

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Log-structured Protocols in Delos

Mahesh Balakrishnan, Mihir Dharamshi, David Geraghty, Santosh Ghosh, Filip Gruszczynski, Jun Li, Jingming Liu, Suyog Mapara, Rajeev Nagar, Ivailo Nedelchev, Francois Richard, Chen Shen, Yee Jiun Song, Rounak Tibrewal, Vidhya Venkat, Ahmed Yossef, Ali Zaveri