Vergence-Accommodation Conflicts in Augmented Reality: Impacts on Perceived Image Quality

Society for Information Display (SID)


This study quantifies the ‘Zone of Clear Vision’ (ZoCV), which defines the magnitude of a vergence-accommodation conflict (VAC) that a user can accept in a binocular augmented reality environment before there is a perceived impact on image quality. Results indicate that the ZoCV extends up to 0.5 diopters on either side of a fixed focus display. This data correlates well to the Zone of Comfort, established from VR systems and suggests that an impact of perceived image quality may predict the buildup of visual discomfort overtime. Further, a subset of participants reported an impact of image quality on real-world content when simultaneously viewed with virtual content rendered with VAC, suggesting that rendered AR content outside the ZoCV can inadvertently impact some users view of the world.


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