Where is my Wallet? Modeling Object Proposal Sets for Egocentric Visual Query Localization

Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)


This paper deals with the problem of localizing objects in image and video datasets from visual exemplars. In particular, we focus on the challenging problem of egocentric visual query localization. We first identify grave implicit biases in current query-conditioned model design and visual query datasets. Then, we directly tackle such biases at both frame and object set levels. Concretely, our method solves these issues by expanding limited annotations and dynamically dropping object proposals during training. Additionally, we propose a novel transformerbased module that allows for object-proposal set context to be considered while incorporating query information. We name our module Conditioned Contextual Transformer or CocoFormer. Our experiments show the proposed adaptations improve egocentric query detection, leading to a better visual query localization system in both 2D and 3D configurations. Thus, we can improve frame-level detection performance from 26.28% to 31.26% in AP, which correspondingly improves the VQ2D and VQ3D localization scores by significant margins. Our improved context-aware query object detector ranked first and second respectively in the VQ2D and VQ3D tasks in the 2nd Ego4D challenge. In addition to this, we showcase the relevance of our proposed model in the Few-Shot Detection (FSD) task, where we also achieve SOTA results.


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