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10 January 2022
Carine Rognon, Taylor Bunge, Meiyuzi Gao, Chip Conor, Benjamin Stephens-Fripp, Casey Brown, Ali Israr

Mediated social touch enables physical interactions, despite the distance, by transmitting the haptic cues that constitute social touch through devices. As this technology is fairly new, the users’ needs and their expectations on a device design and its features are unclear, as well as who would use this technology, and in which conditions.

1 January 2022
Mike Salvato, Sophia R. Williams, Cara M. Nunez, Xin Zhu, Ali Israr, Frances Lau, Keith Klumb, Freddy Abnousi, Allison M. Okamura, Heather Culbertson

Here we explore whether a sparse representation of human touch is sufficient to convey social touch signals. To test this we collected a dataset of social touch interactions using a soft wearable pressure sensor array, developed an algorithm to map recorded data to an array of actuators, then applied our algorithm to create signals that drive an array of normal indentation actuators placed on the arm.